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Why SGK?

We’re part of a large, financially strong company with a lot of really smart people who’ve spent the last few years breaking down silos to release an extraordinary degree of creativity throughout SGK. We’re looking for people who are fearless, nimble, collaborative and ingenious and inspired by possibilities. If that’s you, then what are you waiting for? Apply.

Cultivating a Culture of Inspired Possibilities

Inspired Possibilities are not just two words… It’s a new way to work and think as individuals—what we aspire to be as employees and leaders—that will encourage each of us to imagine the possibilities to change things for the better; for ourselves, our clients and one another. This is who we are—deeply rooted in our history is a legacy for being inspired to think differently about how things should be and what we can do…

Meet Our People

What's it like working for us? Inspiring.

Ask one of the thousands of our employees across the globe whom we migrated from working on site to working remotely within days at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with next to zero interruption of our essential business. We made the next-to-impossible, possible. At any one time, we’ve got both full-time permanent positions and flex-force positions open.


Client Services Manager

“I describe our culture in Penang as more like family because everyone works very closely here. We are comfortable together, and we actually help each other to overcome any problem that we face every day.”

Anneleise Blight


“It’s said that in the tough a person’s true colors come out, and I think the same can be said for business. At a time when no one knows what’s next, it makes all the difference to have an employer in your corner being supportive, transparent and making you feel steady and strong.”

Dawn Meifert


"My first year at SGK was a whirlwind of learning given that I came from a self-employed past. The overwhelming support from female leadership turned what could have been a very intense transition into one that was filled with nothing but positive interactions and learnings.."


VP, Global Accounts

“What I like about my job is the fact that it's a bit of an evolution. It's constantly changing. What we were doing a year ago isn't what we do today - not just internally, but also, in terms of how we support our client. Our clients' needs have changed over the space of a year, two years, three, so we're continually evolving ourselves to match what their needs are, today and in the future.”


Working at SGK

When we’re inspired together, we thrive together. Our teams support each other and work in tandem to improve our product offerings and provide better value to every client. We invest in employees' career development and growth through innovative learning opportunities and investments in technology worldwide.


Executive Creative Director

“What I really love about my job is working to solve the problems with the team that I have here. Working through the white board sessions, really looking for those solutions. Looking for new and inventive ways that we can really connect the brands with their customers. That's the most exciting challenge that we have and really the most fun part of the projects.”

Thomas Hopley


"I joined SGK as a recent university graduate, and in my three years I’ve faced exciting challenges within a rapidly developing role, exposing me to many facets of this industry-leading business. What sets SGK apart is not only the variety of work, but developmental support from peers and leaders. I feel privileged to learn from the best minds in the industry and look forward to continuing!"

Alexis Vera


“Over my seven years at the company I have had the pleasure of partnering with some of the best, most collaborative people in the industry. The quality of our people in every region of our global network is what makes SGK truly special.”


Sr. Art Director

“In the way we work, one of the things I particularly like is the mixing of different talents to ensure different talents, different cultures, each person's sensibilities are shared, unlike other organizations where it's very specialized. So it's a type of constant questioning and constant positive comparison.”

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